here’s a list of projects I’ve worked on. 99% of it was mind numbingly boring.

SAP E-Learning Team –  audio recording and editing, packaging of e-learning materials.
Comcast  Stupid Cupid –
Video encoding and Q+A
Comcast  Fearnet – Video encoding for Monthly flash banner ad’s –
Flash animations, text changes, content addition and subtraction, Q+A
Comcast Local on demand content initiative –
10,000 monthly video assets encoded, Q+A and delivered with 99.9% accuracy.
Comcast Select on –
Site launch, video encoding and editing, text edits
Comcast Pets on Demand –
video edits, encoding, imagery and asset delivery
Comcast site launch and maintenance –
social media, content acquisition and creation, video maintenance,  editorial, design, SEO, SEM, email marketing
Comcast Barker Reel – weekly barker reel video encoding for asset delivery.
Comcast Seeking Solutions with  – Managing of entire scope of video assets.
Comcast Sprout Good Night Show –
video edits, encoding and imagery, show edits.
Comcast Exercise site launch and maintenance –
Q+A of e-commerce site, video encoding, imagery.
Comcast Dating on
site launch, video encoding and edits, show edits text changes, SEO. Asset delivery,
Comcast Metrobeat TV –
Site Launch Q+A, video encoding student voices and metrobeat magazine.
GSK Consumer Healthcare International 2007 – 
Audio editing, Flash text animations, edits, Q+A
GSK Orientation –
text animations and Q+A
Sprint Telenav
Mobile Voice – Flash text animations, navigation linking, and changes.
Sprint Nextel Mobile Locator – Flash text animations, changes and Q+A.
GMAC Mortgage Application Kit – Video edits, text animations, q+a
Smiths Stocklink – Text and graphic animation, edits, q+A.
OKI Printing Solutions
– Flash text and image animations
IKON – Flash text and image animations.
Arestin Education  – Flash text, images, and video management. Slight audio editing.
METLIFE – Flash text animations, edits, Q+A.
Merger of content for and Social media
NCCN Education Series
– Packaging of presentation utilizing powerpoint, audio and video. Heavy audio edits.
OMNIA – Webcast packaging and audio recording and edits.
Hay Group – site launch, q+a of new pages. SEO.
Havrix Hepitatis A vaccine– Video Encoding.
HMP Communications – Webcast packaging and production, design, audio recording and editing, video edits and encoding.
Ibox Films – text animations, edits, design and Q+A.
Addictions and Psychological – Design, content creation, total production of Audio, SEO, SEM.
Rubin and Badamedesign, content creation, SEO, SEM
American Analog Set – design, q+a, site launch,  Social Media, content acquisition and management.
The OMNI Hotel NYC – flash text animations and edits, Q+A.
The Master – Content creation, editorial, total production of audio, social media
Radian Mortgage – SEO, content creation, design.
Deloitte – Flash text animations and edits, Q+A.
National A-1 Advertising – SEO, content creation, video edits, Q+A.
MC Outlook – Podcast Production – audio recording and edits.
E-City – Site Launch, text edits, flash animations. – Site Launch Q+A – Site launch, editorial, content creation.
The Master – Site Launch, editorial , podcasting – Site Launch, Editorital – Ran the X-Play twitter and Facebook Pages
Riverhorse Media – Community Management
Lionbridge – Search Engine Results Evaluation
Pretty Green – Affiliate Marketing
Modcloth – Affilate Marketing
IZOD INDYCAR – Editorial, Social Media, Television Integration.

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